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10 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing

November 3, 2017 Digital Marketing 0

Marketing is indispensable for any Business, As technology is being advanced and life has become more hard and fast. To survive in this hard and fast anyone has intended to the technology. Where Technology is discussed, everything is on the internet, millions of people are operating their business online.

So Marketing on the Internet becomes more important,  No Entrepreneur can ignore the Digital Marketing to connect with the right audience and increase the business revenue.
For Any business, we can see there are two types of audiences one who are making online transactions on daily basis and the other one is the people who don’t even know to use the internet. So the Marketing is also divided into two parts traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing. It’s Always hard to choose between traditional and Digital Marketing.

We are here to help you so we are differentiating the Traditional and Digital marketing to invest your efforts and funds in order to increase the ROI.

Traditional Marketing:

Traditional Marketing consists the Conventional Marketing ways which have been used from years or before the Internet. Advertising, Branding primarily includes the following exercises.

  1. News Paper
  2. Highway Hoardings/ Wall Panting
  3. Magazine Ads
  4. Television Ads
  5. Radio Ads
  6. Flyers
  7. Printed Pamphlets and banners

Digital marketing:

Digital Marketing introduced a new Era of Marketing which is more cost-effective and efficient in order to increase ROI of any Business. Digital Marketing can knock the door of your audience while conventional has to wait for the audience appearance. Majorly Digital marketing consists the following channels to Promote the Business online.

  1. Social Networking sites (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter  etc.)
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Paid Pop-up Ads
  4. Business Networking sites like Linkedin
  5. Blogs
  6. Other Banner Advertisement etc..

Advantages of  Digital Marketing

Conventional Marketing definitely has its own benefits but Internet Marketing has set a trend like a sensation in Marketing the products.

Here we are describing a few key points which show the Digital Marketing is better than the Traditional Marketing Exercises.

  1. Low cost
  2. Real-Time Result
  3. Brand Development
  4. Non-Intrusive
  5. Greater Exposure
  6. Better Engagement
  7. Quicker Publicity
  8. Works for Every Field and Stage
  9. Easy Analytics
  10. Better Future Projections


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