Content Marketing


In Content Marketing we do plan for creating, delivering and maintain useful content that attracts acquires and engages a target audience Creating and sharing valuable free content

  • To attract and convert prospects to customers
  • Customers into repeat buyers
  • Educate people about whatever you are selling
  • By doing this person will know, like, trust you.
  • Now they will start thinking about business with you

Steps to Content Marketing

  1. Plan–Who you are, where you are, where you want to be
  2. Audience–Who you want to tell it to be
  3. Story –What story you want to tell
  4. Channel –Where you want to tell it (social, email, website, etc.)
  5. Process –Create and Manage, Optimise, aggregate
  6. Conversions –Interact with your audience
  7. Measurement –Measure and learn

Step 1 Building Foundation

  • It means building a niche website
  • Choosing good domain and hosting with SSL
  • Setting up website (CMS)
  • Content Planning and Keyword Research (7 Steps)
  • Schedule your content and Publish
  • Creating Rich Valuable Content
  • Marketing Content

Step 2 Authority Building

  • It is a long-term process
  • Create Content Consistently
  • Create valuable content
  • Natural link building
  • Start Guest Blogging

Step 3 Monetise Building


How to Market your content

Social Media
Directories –eBook, Info graphics, Video web sites
Multiple Versions of Same Content –PPT, Podcasts, Slides, Video etc…
Find out who has linked to similar content in past –OSE, Majestic SEO
Connect with Influencers
Guest Post
Second Customer

Let’s understand the second customer

You need a person who will share your content without any charges.
That type of person indirectly helps take your business to amazing places.
The second customer who always active on the web and shares content on different platforms.
A second customer might share your thoughtful content on Social Media / Whatsapp etc…
A second customer might link to you, or run your guest blog post, and find you a whole new audience.
A second customer might write a compelling review that convinces buyers you’re terrific.
A second customer might introduce you to the business partner who can turn everything around for you.