Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Technology is growing fast every day and that case just a website is not enough to visible on the internet. If you are looking for more visibility on the internet then SEO is the best solution to grow your site visibility on the Internet. Good SEO means High Ranking on Google Search Result Page. SEO is optimizing your website according to Google Guidelines that make it easier for the search engine to find you by giving high-quality content, image, video and internal & external linking strategies.


SEO refers to the work being done to improve the visibility of a website or a web page in major web search engine’s unpaid result (Organic/Natural). When your website is indexed by major search engines (Google, Bing etc.), it is listed in search engines then visitor search for terms relating to your site; these visitors can be converted into customers.

How does SEO work?

how to work seo


There are a large number of strategies that can be used to optimize a website for search engines. Search Engine Optimization has two major elements of On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization. Both have an important role in improving your website rank.

We Use These SEO Strategies

  1. Website Analysis to find out issues with an existing website.
  2. Keyword Research to find the right keyword which should drive traffic & conversions.
  3. Niche Competitionis really important to understand before optimizing our Own Website.
  4. Setup Google & Bing Webmaster Tools to find issues with your Website, as these tools report issues with SEO on your site. And monitor it regularly. These tools help in optimizing Title, Meta Description, Onsite issues, crawling & indexing issues.
  5. Setup Google Analytics to track Sessions, Users, Pages/Session, Avg. Time Spent/Session, Bounce Rate, this further helps in optimizing the site considering Content Readability, Internal Linking & Anchor Text Optimization.
  6. URL, Title Tag & Meta Descriptionare key metrics to drive better CTR to any Website, as it’s the first impact over the users through SERP.
  7. Keywords Rich Texts should be used in URL, Title Tag & Meta Description what users want to read further.
  8. Heading Tags H1 can be present once with a right heading which explains entirely the content on the Web page in just 8 to 12 Words. Usage of H2 to H6 heading tags can be done to write Sub-Headings & Sub-Sub-Headings through the Page Content.
  9. Content Optimization should be done in a way, that content is unique & plagiarism free. It should have a good readability score. Contents should be easier to read & understand. Usage of Images & Videos makes easier to users to understand the theme of your Website Pages.
  10. Image Alt Tags should be provided to all the images on your Webpage, it’s better for search engines to understand about the theme of your Image, which may appear in Search Results as well.
  11. Internal Linkinghelps users to navigate to other Web pages to read more about the text linked. It also helps in reducing bounce rate of any Website.
  12. Anchor Text Optimizationis to optimize the links present on the Web page, select the right text which users keen to read more on.
  13. Write Regularlyon your Blog, relevant Topics as of your Website, link to the website pages if required. Share it on Social Channels.
  14. Sitemap & Robots.txtfile for Search Engines to find & crawl your Website pages. To block any web page of any directory from your site you can make use of a robots.txt file. While into sitemap list all the URL’s to submit to search engines.
  15. Submit Sitemap to Search Engines to index updated pages.
  16. Guest Posts are the way to get quality links to your Website. Write quality guest posts using right Keywords which gets traffic. You can use links in your profile or into your posts describing your Company or Profile.
  17. Social Channels are now widely used worldwide, thus as of your Business select the right channel among Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, YouTube or any other. Post Regularly on the selected channel. Participate in niche channels i.e., like, comment, follow, share or subscribe.
  18. Target Local Market through creating your Business Page on Google+, Bing Places, Facebook Maps & other Local Business Directories.
  19. Get Quality Links from sites with high authority score.
  20. Focus Your Users, think of your users what they need from you & write according to on your Website, Blog, Guest Posts, Articles, Social Sites or Forums.

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