Social Media Marketing



Social media is a ticket to meeting with your audience in all the place where they retreat.

You may already know the importance of social media, so we will not stress upon that, but we will tell you what we can do for sustain your marque (brand) on social media.

Most of the companies start from the wrong point this platform is neither about splitting sales

Nor posting some unsystematic pictures, text.

  • Lead generation and brand awareness from one side to the other
  • Increased communication for organisation and boost engagement
  • We will be using advanced marketing tools for your marque(brand)
  • We will create and deal out the product at once one side to other various social media channels Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pint rest, Tumblr etc.
  • SMM can help you pass on the more important updates about your business in an easier way and manage traffic into you website.
  • We carefully plan your social media campaigns to reach your target audience.
Some of the Social Media Podium we can use
  • Facebook: Yes, People do Google everything these days but the most of the people hold on to track of things on Facebook. Niche targeting • Limited Reach • Content based Marketing / Visualization based • Organic and Paid Methods Available • Required Internet • Required Connections or defined audience • Can create Brand Image
  • Instagram: Instagram is a great social podium where we work on customer projects and optimize requirement what they need, we use benefactor ads via Facebook.
  • Twitter : A place of smart communication real time conversion for us on twitter  it increase network and help grow the business Username • Notification • Messages (Tweet / Re-tweet / Direct Message) • Home Page • Following / Followers / Likes • Twitter Analytics
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a platform where professional audience seeks insight and information about various business and networking opportunity  Some important topic We do on LinkedIn basics –Profile building • LinkedIn Publishing -(Posting Articles/Post) • LinkedIn Groups • LinkedIn Company Pages • LinkedIn Showcase Pages • LinkedIn Publish Article related to your product or service. • Publish in same frequency • Use keywords, links, images, videos in the article. • Use fix information at the end of the article/post Advertising
  • YouTube: YouTube account for over 20% of all Google search Understand and Create Video Campaign. Bid Strategy. Importance and Benefits of Video Marketing. YouTube for Business. Strategy for Video Marketing. Increase Traffic for Website from YouTube. Targeting Options
  • Google+
  • Tumblr

And mmuch more….