Viral Campaigning

The principle behind Viral Marketing is that it boosts individuals to share marketing message to others. The advantage of getting individuals to share a marketing message is obvious – these people become your marketing squad or club and do it for free.


Why viral campaigning?

  • Advertising cost is low
  • Speedy growth
  • Mainstream media exposure
  • Quick lead generation
  • Increase credibility

Our process of viral campaigning

Define strategy: We do the deep study of client products, services, industry client to define the strategy for the complete project.

Execution: After creating strategy they need to be implemented during implementation we have to take care of following

  • The Incentive: Incentive or free offers to allure users
  • Easy Forwarding: Easiest internet modes for sharing like social media
  • Design of Message: Message should be creative

Analysis and reporting: We do regular analysis of our campaign and modify them as per the changing trends also share performance report regularly with a client.